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Expert personal training for everyone and all fitness levels, under a complete and affordable membership.

Our story is about people coming together with one mission in mind: to help people to feel better and look great.

Science-based programming for your unique goal.

  • Progressive resistance and intensity training

  • Nutrition coaching

  • Body composition tracking

  • Brain Training

  • Smartwatch accountability 

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A Team of result-driven professionals who believe in a flexible approach to training that prioritizes the personal preferences and goals of members.

Our relentless pursue for better programming and passion for coaching has redefined Personal Training.

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Whether you want get fit and healthier, lose weight, get stronger, or play competitive sports, we have a program for you.


  • Strengthen and build lean muscle

  • Reduce body fat, chronic pain, and stress

  • Enhance cardiovascular and muscular endurance

  • Improve balance, stability, flexibility, and mobility

  • and more.



Whether you workout in a small group or privately, training is always P3RSONAL!.


The industry’s first and only small group and strength -driven personal training program.


Take action now before our program is closed to

new members

 Book a Complimentary Personal Training Session, complete assessment, and Body Composition Analysis.

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Studio locations in West Brickell / The Roads and Brickell City Center

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Monday - Friday 6 AM - 8 PM

Saturday 8 AM - 1 PM
Saturday 8 AM
 - 11 AM (Only East Hotel)



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