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Testimonial from Guillermo:

"If you are serious about your fitness goals - this is the place you’ve been looking for!
Super professional and friendly staff, nice equipment, always sparkly clean facility.
Our trainer Dean was amazing!!! He was always ready to explain every detail regarding the session, very friendly and supportive. The place has a great energizing vibe and atmosphere that makes you push harder every time. Would recommend it to anyone who wants to get in shape and maintain good health and be satisfied with the training routine!

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Testimonial from Chris:

"Amazing, caring, knowledgeable staff that become family. So many classes to choose from, such as boot camp, regular trainer, yoga. I have trained with multiple reputable coaches.... nothing compares. Loving the results I am seeing and I feel ever than ever. Glad I took the chance on underline fit"

Testimonial from Maria M.:

"The staff is fantastic and pushes you to reach your fitness and wellness goals. This is definitely not some basic LA Fitness training. If you are looking to work out and learn from some of the best and most knowledgeable trainers, this is the place. Can’t recommend enough"

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Testimonial from Ana:

"In love with this studio and my personal classes, already completed the 90-days fitness goal plan and YES, noticing real changes all over my body! And keep improving! Never been so motivated and satisfied, THANK YOU"

Testimonial from Natalie:

"If you're looking to get in shape, train with coaches with a solid background, look no further, this is it.  I do the semi-private sessions, maxed out at 5 people.  They have their system down to a science, curated so you get maximum attention and you WILL make changes, as the coaches are very aligned and dedicated to reaching the goals you come in with.  The gym is constantly being cleaned and the equipment is impeccable.  Couldn't recommend Underline Fit more!"

Testimonial from Arelis:

"Amazing infrastructure with very careful and attentive trainers. But what I like the most is that they limit the number of people per session which makes it easier for the trainer to be focused on each people's goals. After some months of looking for a nice place to workout, I've finally found it"

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